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How To Podcast - Chapter 4 Brainstorming your podcast - Ideas and scripts

This is the creative aspect of your podcasting and in my opinion it is the best part! This is what podcasting is all about.

First thing you should think about is what your podcast is about. Is it simply a reading of an audio book? Is it a news and information site about a particular subject? What are you trying to do with your podcast?

Get a notebook and start writing ideas down. You should really have a clear idea of the theme of your podcast. Or else you won't know what to talk about and your listener won't have a clue as to what your podcast is about.

Here are a couple of things you should research:

What are other podcasters doing? What is happening on the radio and on television. Watch and listen to other shows and try to understand what they are doing. This will give you a lot of great ideas on what you should do in your podcast.

Now let's take a look at your podcast. You should break it down into short segments and write a little script for each segment. Here is a list of segment ideas:


1- Introduction music

2- Introduction speech - This is where you introduce yourself and your podcast, tell them a little bit about what your podcast is all about.

3- Give them a table of contents - example: Today we are going to take a look at some new books in our field of interest, then we are going to interview author so-and-so then finally we will read some emails that people have sent in.

4 - suggestions for segments

  • tell a story
  • read a passage from a book
  • do a review of a movie, cd, or website
  • give your opinion about something
  • tell some of the latest gossip
  • interview somebody in the field
  • explain how to do something
  • call the listener to action, ask them to email, write, listen, go to a webpage, buy something etc...
  • Just plain chat about whats on your mind in terms of your subject
  • play some music or sound effects
  • Ask your audience for ideas

5- Closing statements - bring any final topics up, remind your audience about your book, artwork, or websites

6 - Give them a teaser about what is coming in the next installment of the podcast (So they will come back)

7 - Play your closing music and speech

Let's Continue on to Tutorial 5 - The actual Podcasting part of the process


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