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How To Podcast - Chapter 7 Earning money with your podcast

It can be very difficult to earn money directly from a podcast, unless you have a very high quality podcast and a regular audience -then you can get companies to advertise directly in your podcast and pay you for it! But we are not going to look at that process in this lesson. We are going to take a look at ways you as a beginner can actually make some money from your new podcast.


In the current model of podcasting and the internet A podcast is another tool that a webmaster has in order to bring in revenue. What this means is that a podcast is just an ancillary tool not the main tool for monetization. So the basic goal of the blog, from a making money standpoint is to get people to your website and to get them to buy something.

Let me give you an example of how this works. If you have a podcast about Horror at some point in your podcast you might want to do a review on a new Horror book. Then at the end of that review you give the url to a page on your site where your listener can go and read more about the book - if they buy it you get a percentage of the sale.

The same goes true for almost any kind of product from televisions, to ipods, computers, movies and practically anything else under the sun. You do this with an affiliate program. If you already have an affiliate program then you know all about this. If you never been part of an affiliate program you may want to look into them. They are free and easy. Here is a tutorial on affiliate programs that I have put together. Affilate Program guidelines

The Basic Idea of podcasting is to find an audience for your website and bring people into it, because this is where you actually will make the revenue. With time people will come to your website because of the podcast but they will spend time on the site looking around. The podcast and the website should be tied very closely together in theme and scope.


Let's Continue on With This tutorial on Podcasting

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