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How To Make A Shoebox Diorama - Page 5 Finishing up!


glue the dragon onto the wings

Step 11 Glue the dragon body to the wings. You cam move and adjust the dragon body so that the flames point directly at the shield of the knight.

This is a bit of a delicate step so take your time and use the glue sparingly. If you apply too much glue the dragon will get soggy and sag. If you think you need to you can always glue the dragon and the wings to another piece of paper or to a thin piece of cardboard then cut them out again. This will make them stronger.


finished shoebox dragon and knight diorama

Step 12 adding the finishing touches - Now you can add some final pieces to the diorama. Glue in some grass to the bottom and glue some clouds suspended toward the top. You can get creative too and add some of your own things like pebbles or small stones. Let your imagination run wild. Create some other characters and put them in. Maybe make some real tiny dragons and glue them to the background so it looks like there are dragons off in the distance over the castle.


Want to see another diorama tutorial of a more complex project? Here is a picture:

how to make a fantasy diorama thumbnail

This diorama is more professional and takes more time to do but it looks fantastic. The wizards staff lights up! I have a complete tutorial with all the steps and materials.

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