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Hallows End and the Headless Horseman

Warcraft has a seasonal event going on called Hallows End and it includes the epic beast called the Headless Horseman. This event is a lot of fun and it has some great rewards. Here is some information about the Headless Horseman, where to find him and what he drops.

The Event Runs October 18 - November 1

The Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman

Here is a shot of Marabella fighting the Headless Horseman. He is a level 70 Elite and if you have a decent group of 5 level 70's he is no problem at all. Piece of cake actually.

What he does: He is a pretty easy boss and after you summon him you just beat him down close to 0% then he goes into a whirlwind and immunity mode where he summons his head. You leave the horseman around at this point and dps down the head until it is dead. Then the horseman is back at full strength. Beat him down again until he summons his head again. One more beat down and as he approaches 0% he will summon a group of pumpkin heads. You can beat them all down or just continue to dps him until he is dead .

He is a pretty easy fight and I did him maybe seven times in a row.

Where he is, what's the quest and other questions

He is found inside scarlet monastery inside an instance. As you go into the scarlet monastery you go straight ahead and it is the instance along the left wall. You can't miss it because there will be a lot of people standing around outside.

Quest? Nope, no quest. Just make sure that someone in your party hasn't summoned him on that particular day. Each person can only summon him once a day. It's treated like a daily quest. So if you get a group of five together you can summon him 5 times. After each summoning and killing you leave the instance and have the party leader reset the instance. Then you go in and do it again.

What does he drop?

He drops a few different items and as far as Marabella is concerned one item is particularly nice. It is the Horseman's Helm

The Horseman's Helm

The Horseman's Helm - Pretty darn nice drop - and epic at that. Perfect for some serious pvp action. I got it all gemmed up and I am wearing it.

It's darn ugly though. Makes you look like a halloween character with green slimy air floating around your head. You even leave a trail of green vapor as you walk. I set my options to not show helm for this one.





Other items:

  • Magic Broom
  • Elite magic Broom
  • Bunch of Different Rings including some nice pvp rings and a nice healer ring. I will take some screen shots for you. check back again.
  • Wow Wiki has all the loot with pics and stats here: Headless Horseman

A quick note about farming the horseman: Blizzard has a 5 times an hour rule. Do not do this instance more than 5 times in one hour or you will be locked out of all instances for one full hour. You probably could do this more than 5 times in one hour without trying too hard.

A good Video of the Headless Horseman fight that shows you everything including where to go inside the scarlet monastery. No frills here, just good information on what to do. It takes 9 minutes from start to finish for this group. That is start outside the monastery even.


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