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Karazhan - It's a goal for hard core gamers and a reachable goal even for the casual player. The attunement process is long and arduous but once you get in you can start to accumulate some great battles and some great gear that can't be had anywhere else.

The experience of warcraft changes too once you get into kara because up until now you probably have done only 5 man groups and kara is a ten man raid party.

Marabella does Kara on a semi-regular basis and I will be posting screen shots of the various things inside.






Moroes is a tricky fight but if you have the right combination of players you can handle him very well. Being guildless Marabella has tackled Moroes with a lot of different groups and some groups just breeze right through him while others struggle.

One key to downing him is to put two tanks on him at all times. You have to have a second tank that will stay second on his threat list at all times. That way he doesn't run amuck and kill cloth wearers. Marabella has never gotten any good drops off him - not good for her anyway but that pocketwatch would be nice.



The Maiden

The Maiden - Here is a shot of the Maiden after she was dropped by Marabella and a raid group. I managed to get a nice set of gauntlets from this drop so I thought I would take a screen shot.

The Maiden can be a difficult boss to take down but if you have some good dispelling abilities and some decent healing and dps it goes quite well. She can be quickly moved to farm status once you group figures out how to take her down.




Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden

Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden - They are very well suited to tanking types but are so good that they also can be used in a dps gear set up. I set them to my macro so I can switch to them along with a 1 hander and shield whenever I do off-tanking duties.

Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden

Iron Gauntlets of the Maiden - Here is how they look in your inventory bag. Excellent looking set of gauntlets.







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