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Minas Tirith Paper Castle

This is a nice little paper castle project and I give you just about everything you need. It is all included in a downloadable booklet.

This is a fun project that you should be able to do in a couple of hours. The big thing is what type of paper you print it on. If you have 110 lb index paper that would be best. You can put that in your printer and then print up and put it all together.

Plain printer paper is very tricky to use for this project.

The Paper Castle Document that you print up and assemble is here: Minas Tirith Document (pdf)


Minas Tirith Paper Castle


The Paper Castle Document that you print up and assemble is here: Minas Tirith Document (pdf)

Thomas Minas Tirith

Can you make this project? You sure can!! Here is a picture of one made by a web visitor (Thomas). My thanks to him for sending the picture!!


And here is one made by Andy. It really came out greta. The buildings on the top are a challenge and he did a great job.My thanks go to him for sending in the pic.


Glue Tip

A quick Tip: If you don't have index paper or card stock paper. You can print up this project then apply glue to cereal box cardboard and apply the pages to that. Then cut out the various shapes.


For the most part this is a pretty easy castle to put together and this picture shows you the half way point. Once you have this you can then go ahead and add the city rows. Five rows go each on the left and the right.


Add details

Probably the hardest part of this castle is putting together the center rib. That is the big stone structure that sticks right out of the middle of the castle. This picture here gives you an idea of how to glue it together. The toothes section is the very top.


Paper assembly

And this picture gives you a good idea of how the center rib is finished. Note that in this picture it hasn't been colored yet. In the packet you get a stone colored center rib.




Lord of the Rings Puz 3-d - Citadel of Minas Tirith

819 pieces - Citidel of Minas Tirith . This isnt the whole city. It is just the Citadel at the top.



The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)

The WINNER of 11 Academy Awards* including BEST PICTURE is now 50 minutes longer! This extended version of the epic conclusion of The Lord of the Rings trilogy includes new score by Howard Shore and over 350 new digital effects shots.


Tatebanko Castle

A Tatebanko Castle: Tatebanko is the almost lost art of Japanese Paper Dioramas. This is a complete kit that you download, print up and make. It is a castle scene inside a box. Easy to make and should take about an hour. You just need the basics like scissors, glue and a cereal box or two. Make a Tatebanko Castle


Neuschwanstein Castle

I have a more challenging Paper Castle. It is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. If you are looking for a more dramatic castle this project is for you. The Neuschwanstein Paper Castle Project


The Black Dragon paper Castle

The Black Dragon paper Castle- This is my latest paper castle project and currently the castle is completed but the tutorial is not. You can check on the progress of this project here: The Black Dragon Paper Castle


Make this Medieval Castle - Usborne Cut Out Models -

Printed on stiff card, this book contains templates to cut out and construct a superb model of a 14th century castle crammed with authentic detail. The model includes miniature characters for re-creating castle life, including market stalls and jousting knights as well as a portcullis that lifts and falls. The base of the model measures 59 x 46cm.

Paper Castle


Hohenzollern castle

Schreiber-Bogen Hohenzollern Castle Card Model


Medieval paper Castle

Cut & Assemble a Medieval Castle: A Full-Color Model of Caernarvon Castle in Wales


Easy paper Castle

Easy-to-Make Castle (Models & Toys)



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