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Chainmail and coif making tips

I got an email from a web visitor (Ivan). He has been making chainmail for decades now and he shares some terrific tips with us.


Here is the email he sent me with a lot of great tips:

Hi,I am Ivan. Seen your video on how to make chainmail from 2012 an the on making the coif. I have making items out of mail for about 30 years now. Back then nobody would show how they did it so had to teach myself by buying a piece and tearing it apart an playing with it. I think your videos are good start for a beginner, even making of the coif is simple. When I started out I did use the steel 17 ga wire, then found the aluminum was great to learn on an a bit easier on cutting now it makes no difference.

I have tried the jig, but it was to slow for me. I just use the drill & the steel rod, there is a pic showing how I use it an what the coil looks like after its off the rod. I can run about 3 coils vs 1 on a jig , I can coil 1/4 mile of wire in about 2 - 3 hours that way then its all the cutting. When you look atthe top of my coif there is a large center ring. By being that self taught thing I learned to start from that point and learned how to expand it out by adding extra rings into it and evenly spacing them. When I get expanded out to where I want it I just stop adding the extra and attach just the 4 n 1.  As for the pics, the coif & bishops mantle are a set 14ga & 17ga aluminum,  here are a set of 3 neckties 17ga alum approx 2000+ rings each, and 2 of what the 14ga & 17ga compared to a nickel the 17 is the steel. As for the ties I have made them for the last 3 years and have been told no one has ever seen anything like these before. I have walked into a room with one on an people come and talk to me.


When making a coif you might want to start with a larger ring right at the top. It keeps everything straight and holds it all together in a very uniform manner. Great tip!


Here is a closeup of that center ring.


Here is a look at the coif.


Here is how he spins out the rings. Really no need for a jig. It is much faster this way.


Here are some of his chainmail ties.



Here is the bishops mantle.




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