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Make a Railroad Spike Chisel



Here is and easy and fun, yet very useful little blacksmithing project that was submitted by Christopher E.

It makes use of those beautiful old railroad spikes that blacksmiths love so much. Just heat and hammer down that point of the spike to a nice chisel shape. Harden and temper it and you have a great little tool.

Here is what he has to say:

Hi Will, I just made a railroad spike chisel and it works very well on all sorts of odd jobs, like shaving down little bits of wood that get in your way when you are making something, and I even use it on metal sometimes, but if you use it metal you have to sharpen it all the time, but wood is a different story.
Here is a picture: It is very useful, and making one of these is easy, all you have to do is to sharpen the point of the spike and you have a functional chisel. (and these are so easy to make.)

My thanks go to Christopher for sending in this idea and picture.

If you have an interesting blacksmithing project send me an email:


Railroad spike chisel



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