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Safety Disclaimer

Blacksmithing is a fun, rewarding and enjoyable pursuit. Yet it is also very dangerous.

I have made every attempt to point out safety concerns when doing blacksmithing. By its very nature it is extremely dangerous. The fire is so hot that a burn can send you to the emergency room. Please be careful!

And, it isn't just about the fire. The sparks, coals and ash can also burn you very badly. And.... metal gets hot enough to harm you too. Be very careful when doing any kind of blacksmithing.

I recommend you only do it under the tutelage of a professional blacksmith.

One more thing! Never work with galvanized steel. If you heat that steel up it gives off a dangerous toxic fume that can harm you. If you are unsure as to whether your steel is galvanized then don't use it! Or seek out a professional to identify it.

Thanks and be safe. Always wear the appropriate safety gear including safety goggles.








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