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Youtube Blacksmithing


Here are my series of youtube videos on the art of blacksmithing. This is only some of my blacksmithing videos. You can see them all on my youtube channel right here: Blacksmithing Videos


I have made Swords and knives. You can watch those videos on my webpage here
This is the first video in a new series that will show you how to make a home made forge and how to make swords, knives and other medieval things. In this video you get a look at some metal working with the forge and anvil and get a look at the forge. Going to be a fun series of videos. This is a family project and my thanks go out to John for making the forge!


More Basic Blacksmithing showing some basic manipulation of the heated metal. We fold to make a billet, we straighten out a rod and we do twists in metal. This series is working toward making swords, knives and even medieval armor.


In this lesson I show you one of the basic, and most important, lessons in Blacksmithing - Drawing Out. This is where you heat and hammer the metal to make it thinner and longer or thinner and flatter. More blacksmithing videos on my channel here and more info on my website


In this lesson I show you how to forge curves, I use a hardy tool and explain what a hardy tool is.
A Hardy Tool is a tool that you place in a hole in the anvil. These tools come in all different shapes and sizes to do all kinds of jobs. The tool I use is great for making curves. I make a bunch of S shaped hooks for hanging things on


This is a quick introduction to the anvil and some of the parts of it and how it is used. Lots more blacksmithing vids on my channel here, check for my blacksmithing playlist


There are eight basic hammer strikes in blacksmithing and each has a different affect on the metal. In this video I show you these eight strikes with hammer and anvil.


I show you, with graphics included, how to make an easy blacksmith forge for doing some backyard blacksmithing. Not a whole lot to it. I show you the basic parts and the basic concepts of how the forge is built and how it works. Doesn't take much to make a forge

In this video I take a look at the pritchel hole and how it is used to pierce holes in steel.

More Blacksmithing and Blade making videos right here:

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