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Blacksmithing DVD's and movies


Here are some DVD's and videos on a variety of blacksmithing including overall smithing, knifemaking and sword making.



Bob Rupert is a member of ABANA (Artists Blacksmith Association of North America) and has lead ABANA sanctioned seminars. He's the author of FUNDAMENTALS IN SMITHING, and was twice featured in KNIVES magazine. Bob is former vice-president of the Pittsburg Area Artists Blacksmith's Association and teaches at Touchstone Crafts in Farmington Pennsylvania.


Knifemaking Unplugged Knifemaking Unplugged

Would you like to learn how to make knives but don't have thousands of dollars for belt grinders, milling machines and power hammers?

Learn how to make knives with techniques from the days of old in a charcoal burning forge, WITHOUT ELECTRICITY. See why charcoal is the best fuel for bladesmithing and how it's used in the Lively Forge that is specially designed for knifemakers.
Without the use of expensive machinery and large shop space a handmade knife is forged to finish with only muscle powered tools. This allows for more self reliance and the freedom needed for even a beginner to use the information here and create a one of a kind custom knife.

The benefit of working so intimately with each piece is that it gives the finished knife your unique artistic signature! Since the most important part of finishing a blade is the heat treatment, it is shown and explained in great detail. You'll also learn how to make a professional quality leather sheath with some unlikely but accessible tools. This is a 2 hour DVD.



"Take a journey through the fascinating process of creating a sword"


In this 40-minute video from the "Steel-edged Weapons" series you will be invited by master swordsmith Richard Kazda to his forge and guided through the half-forgotten world of swordsmithing.

In the film you will witness:

- The making of a replica Nordic-type sword using traditional swordsmithing methods, from selecting the material to the final assembly of the sword.
- Forging the individual elements of the sword, surface finishing, hardening the blade and strength tests, making the grip, decorating the guard and pommel, assembly of the sword, making the scabbard and performing cutting tests.
- Many detailed views, including decorating the sword with silver-copper and brass inlays.
- Clear animations explaining the production processes and the sword's construction.

The film was made with the aim of explaining the essentials of making a replica of a sword both to the uninitiated public and those more experienced in this field. Collectors, fencers, members of historical re-enactment associations, hobbyists and those who seriously consider making their own or buying their first sword will find here a wealth of information and previously unpublished swordsmithing procedures.

The film was shot live following the making of one specific weapon from its beginning to its completion. There is no acting involved, the footage shows only authentic production in a real forge.


Katana - A Modern Craftsman's Guide to Making a Japanese Sword DVD Katana - A Modern Craftsman's Guide to Making a Japanese Sword DVD

Get ready for the ultimate do-it-yourself project: a battle-worthy handmade Japanese katana (long sword). In this one-of-a-kind video, Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes takes you step by step through the process of designing and building a Katana-Tac - a simplified tactical Katana suitable for traditional martial arts practice or modern battlefield use. You will learn exactly how to design, profile, grind, temper, polish and haft your very own working katana using a minimum of tools and equipment. You will also learn some of the most closely guarded secrets of both traditional and modern-day swordmaking, including the construction of a low-cost charcoal forge and the exact process for Japanese-style clay tempering. Once your blade is properly tempered, Hayes teaches you how to polish it to reveal the hamon (temper line) and haft it with a traditional cord-wrapped handle. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 120 min. total. High Quality DVD-R Media


The Art of Tsukamaki The Art of Tsukamaki

Tsukamaki, combining aesthetics, form and function, is the deceptively simple Japanese art of sword handle wrapping. Dr. Buck's work presents a general historical overview of the evolution of Japanese samurai swords and sword mounts, as well as step-by-step instructions and diagrams for 25 specific types of sword handle wrapping. It also includes a compact visual glossary of Japanese swords, general temper patterns and common signature characters. As a reference book, it is both an excellent introduction to the art of Tsukamaki, and a complete how-to guide for the beginner tsukamaki-shi, or sword handle wrapper.


Forging Damascus: How to Create Pattern-Welded Blades (DVD) Forging Damascus: How to Create Pattern-Welded Blades (DVD)

Jim Hrisoulas is a master bladesmith specializing in medieval broadswords and daggers and Damascus pattern welding. He has almost 30 years of experience at the forge.



Knifemaking Unplugged Knifemaking Unplugged

Would you like to learn how to make knives but don't have thousands of dollars for belt grinders, milling machines and power hammers?



Ore to Axe Ore to Axe

This documentary film details the process of smelting iron ore into metal and forging it into an eighteenth century-style axe. Follow blacksmiths as they demonstrate every step in the centuries-old bloomery smelting process. They take you on the journey of finding ore, making charcoal. building a furnace, smelting the ore to iron, converting the iron to steel, and finally forging the axe.


Home Workshop Knifemaking - Making Utility and Defensive Knives on a Budget DVD Home Workshop Knifemaking - Making Utility and Defensive Knives on a Budget DVD

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a knife? Well, here's your chance. With a few inexpensive tools, some easily acquired materials, a little hard work and this two-disc DVD production from Paladin Press, you can learn all the basic skills of knifemaking and be on your way to producing your own high-quality custom blades. Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes first shows you how to turn your workshop into a functional knife shop for less than $250. He then takes you step-by-step through a complete course in knifemaking, including profiling and grinding your blade; differentially heat-treating your knife (using a home-built forge that costs less than $40); embellishing your blade with filework; crafting form-fitting Kydex sheaths in your kitchen oven; polishing your blade to a mirror finish; attaching a slab handle and doing a Japanese cord-wrapped handle. This video covers the complete construction of two knives - a chisel-ground tanto-style neck knife and a flat-ground utility/hunting knife - and is one of the most detailed courses in knifemaking ever captured on video. For information purposes only.


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