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Where to Buy an Anvil

I get this question a lot from people. And it used to be a tricky answer. But things have changed and blacksmithing over the past 5 years or so has become more popular. And this means that the tools and supplies have become more available. This is because when there is a need for something people will step up and supply to that need.

Here I have some advice on getting an anvil. And I also have links to where you can buy one easily.



The biggest obstacle to buying an anvil used to be actually finding one. But this is not the big obstacle anymore. There are plenty of them easily available. Now the biggest obstacle is shipping an anvil. They are heavy and it can get expensive!

Step One to finding an anvil:

The best thing to do is find a used anvil locally. Something that you can drive to and pick up. This will save you shipping cost. And for the most part a used anvil is just as good as a new one. Often times used anvils are of superior quality. They were made astonishingly well.

So, what options do you have to find a local anvil? First off try craigslist. I have seen many anvils local to me. And if you have no luck with anvils you can check craiglist for blacksmiths or other blacksmith tools. Contact those people and ask them how to go about getting an anvil. All of a sudden you are in contact with the right people.

Yard Sales - Keep your eyes open for this method. I have run into two different anvils. For both of them the seller had lots of old tools and I asked if they had an anvil and yes they did -in the garage. We had to go look. People tend to not want to lug the anvil out for a yard sale. So ask!

I got this one at a yard sale for a hundred bucks:

An Anvil


Local Blacksmithing organizations - Do a web search of your local area looking for blacksmiths. If you find one, or a few you should give them a call. They might not have an anvil for sale. But chances are very good they know who does, or who you should contact.

Harbour Freight - Do you have a Harbour Freight store in your city or town? They often carry a small anvil. Give them a call and see if they have one in stock. If yes, it is a small anvil and inexpensive but it will get you started. I think it is well worth it. It is a much better option than fretting over getting a "good" anvil but never actually getting one.


Ok, No luck locally? That's ok. We can buy one online.

Amazon - Just a couple of years ago there were no anvils on amazon. Now there are and because of like I said, there is a demand for them. Anvils on amazon


Ridgid 68622 Model 5 Forged Anvil

The Ridgid 69622 is a model 5 horn anvil. With a face of 3" by 8" this anvil has a large top face, which is ground and drop-forged for a high quality and large work space. This model comes equipped with a Pritchel hole to support the use of various tools as well as an upsetting block. Why do so many professionals choose RIDGID tools? The answer is simple, trust. Millions of RIDGID tools go to work every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments. One of the design parameters for developing RIDGID tools is efficient operation. We engineer ease-of-use into every product. And, we include innovative features to ensure that our tools and machines get jobs done as quickly as possible without compromising quality.


Pieh Anvil

Pieh Blacksmith Tools TFS Single-Horn Blacksmith Anvil - 100 lbs., Model# TFSSB1

The TFS Single-Horn Blacksmith Anvil is perfect for the beginner, hobbyist or professional metalworker. It has a manageable weight yet is heavy enough to work most blacksmith jobs. U.S.A. Horn Size (in.): 9 x 4, Weight (lbs.): 100, Face Plate L x W (in.): 14 x 4

  • Rockwell Hardness of 52
  • 1in. hardy hole
  • 1/2in. pritchel hole
  • Base: 23in. x 8 1/2in.
  • Face: 14in. x 4in


ebay - Ebay has always had anvils. Seems to me it is a good fit. Where else would you buy one? An anvil store? LOL But now ebay has lots more of them. They are coming out of the barns and becoming available. Remember that when you search on ebay you can search by area code and the results will be sorted by whichever anvils are closest to you. It is a great function because you may be able to avoid shipping charges if you find a used one that is local.


Ebay Has Anvils Here



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