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More Forges

Here are more pictures of forges made by web visitors. If you have made a forge or a blacksmithing setup be sure to send me pictures!!!

Page 1 of forges is here


Here is a home made forge made by Adrian. It is the deck from a lawn mower and a brake drum. Hey and sometimes a forge is also a great place to make some burgers!! Adrian has made a railroad spike knife on this forge. You can check out a picture of it right here: Knives made by web visitors His air source is a champion hand crank forge blower from 1901. (pic below)


Here is a forge made by Brett. He has also contributed some other terrific stuff to the website including knives and knife sheathes. The flange is bolted on and the screen between the flange and drum is a piece of scrap metal with holes drilled into it. The whole thing is just sitting on top of the frame. It was a no-weld forge!



Here is a forge made by Will M. out of a double sink. Nice improvisation! Notice how he cut a slot in it to fit the working steel through.




Here is a forge made by J.P Sircy II. He welded this all together and it is very solid. He also sent pictures of the process of welding this together. Here is what he tells us about making this forge:

Here is the forge I just built. I salvaged a break rotor and PTO shaft for the base pipe because of the lug holes in the rotor and the wide base covered all the holes and will allow for better air flow (I think and hope). Then i welded a two foot pipe to tie in the blower. I had some scrap angle iron and tried to just weld them to the rotor for the legs but wasn't sturdy enough so i welded some more angle iron to the bottom of the of the rotor and them welded the legs. This was a pretty simple project to build and fun to boot! I cant wait to forge my first knife. Thanks for all the advice! - JP Sircy II 

JP's Forge

Weld the vertical pipe on.

Then weld on the horizontal tuyere.

Finally Put on the legs.


Here is a forge made by Forrestt. Wow, he did a great job with this and he used the same thing as me, a Lawn mower deck!



Here is a knife forge made by John H. He says:

I used an old top to a charcoal grill, and fire brick, then I used a 1.5" steel pipe and drilled about 5 holes Smaller than normal about 2/16"  and a hair Drier...... I did replace the 2 foundation blocks for fire brick on top after I cracked them because it got so hot...LOL


And here is a forge made by J.R. You can see more pics here


And J.R. also made a forge using an old kitchen sink. Its very ingenious. You can see more pics here.






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