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The new propane forge

I call this forge "The Tiger" because it really growls. You can hear it growl in the video down below.

I am so excited about this new propane forge.

I am a traditionalist and love forging in a brick forge with coal. But, a propane forge is very convenient and easy.

And, I have been working on a new book entitled "Knifemaking for Beginners". So, having a forge like this is just about perfect for knifemaking. It will be a big help with the book.

I also have a video for this forge at the bottom of the page. It's a tiger and it growls!


Let's take a look at a few things about this forge.

It is two propane tanks that are cut and welded together. And, the chamber is lined with two inch thick ceramic insulation. That ceramic insulation is similar in texture and shape to regular fiberglass insulation like you put in your home. Think of a fluffy blanket.

But the forge also has a roughly half inch thick layer of refractory cement right over that fiberglass insulation.

Two more things about this forge.

  • It's a triple burner. That's a big propane forge and it will be quite good for sword making.
  • It has a slide rack for holding stock. I will show you what I mean. But that slide rack is a great extra and very very useful. It holds stock of any length while the stock is in the forge. The red arrow shows how the rack slides in and out.


Those three nozzles that create the fire are called Forge Burners. They have lots of them on Amazon. Here is a link

Here is a look at how the inside of the forge is made. Really quite simple. And with the amazing ceramic insulation the outside of the forge remains cool to the touch. If you are not familiar with ceramic insulation it is just like the pink stuff you roll out and install in walls in your home. Kind of like a two inch thick fluffy blanket.



Portable Propane Gas Forge Single Burner Knife and Tool Making Blacksmith Farrier Forge with Stand

Take a look at this one burner forge on Amazon. You will be surprised at how cheap you can get started in blacksmithing with this.


Blacksmithing for beginners book

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2" Thick ceramic insulation for forges




Refractory Cement




Those three nozzles that create the fire are called Forge Burners. They have lots of them on Amazon. Here is a link