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Unique and Unusual Catapult stuff

The construction of catapults is called "belopoietics" ( poietike = making of; belos = projectile, projectile-throwing device)



A Unique Twisted Rope Catapult - Here is a catapult that some college students made. It's about three feet tall and uses the method of storing energy by twisting a rope. It is a nice example of storing energy and how a catapult can capitalize on this.

Some Monstrous siege engines - Pics and information about some serious war machines including a failed attempt at making the DaVinci Crossbow shown on this page.

Airplane Launching Catapult Did you know that catapults were used to launch airplanes off of naval ships? Here is a great pic of just this type of catapult with the plane mounted and ready for launching.

Catapults can be dangerous - Here is an article about a college student who hurled himself in a catapult and died. Be careful with your catapult projects.


Monty Python Cow Catapult - When talking about unusual catapults you can't ignore the catapult in the Python movie! That's the one where they catapult cows and other things over the castle walls. Of course there is a game complete with catapult!



Art Poster Metal Framed Print - Giant Catapult - Artist: Leonardo da Vinci- Poster Size: 20 X 23. Brand New - High Quality! ( This is a print of the famous DaVinci Crossbow style catapult.



Baby Shower Fun Gun Baby Catapult It is the best thing since mashed carrots! The Baby Shower is a 5-3/4" (14.6 cm) long plastic shooting device that ejects infants. Just load one of the five 3/4" (1.9 cm) plastic babies into the compartment then pull the trigger for tyke tossing fun. Great gift and game for real baby showers.



Castles and Catapults

Castles & Catapults

  • Assemble an army of warriors and march them into battle -- you'll need the right mix of longbowmen, pikemen and men-at-arms for a successful siege
  • Use your strategic skills to replenish your attacking armies or bolster your own defenses
  • Command your siege engines to demolish the enemy castle - catapults, giant crossbows, and even cannons
  • Send in your knights, wizards and even dragons to the field of battle -- use them all strategically to claim victory!