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Rolling Paper Theatre of Whimsy


Here's a fun and interesting project that has a tale to tell. It's the rolling paper theatre of whimsy and it can bring heroic stories to life.

With a few simple materials you can make your own, and tell your own tale. This tutorial also goes along with our scene box tutorial, which can give your theatre a little extra aesthetic value.



The completed theatre


Foam board pieces for the walls

First, start with some foam board pieces in order to create a box that will soon be your theatre. For this tutorial we made our theatre roughly 2 feet tall, however you can make yours any size you wish. Remember if you are using wall paper for your story you should make sure your theatre is a couple of inches taller than the roll.


Box base for theatre

Glue the pieces of the box together. For our theatre we left an opening in the top in order to use a flash light.


Theatre wood work for handle

Now to create the handle that will be used to change the scenes in your theatre. Here you will be working with wood so remember to exercise caution when using wood cutting tools. Get a dowel and measure the diameter. Cut a small piece off the dowel and drill a hole of equal size in a 2 small squares of wood as shown. attach this to the right and left back corner of the theatre.


Dowel for roll



top of handle

Next, take a small length of wood roughly a foot long and drill a hole in the center and at the end. This will be the top of your handle. Insert the larger piece of dowel through the middle hole into the square in the bottom left corner and the smaller piece of dowel into the end hole. Also you will need a dowel of equal size inserted into the rear right corner.


Theatre story on wallpaper

Lastly, get a roll of wall paper or brown packing and begin to draw out your story scene by scene. Remember to leave space in between each scene so that pieces of other scenes are not showing at the same time. Place the roll of paper on the dowel to the right and sort of thread is through to the other dowel so that you can use the handle to move throughout each picture.


Completed Theatre small align=

Now your done! Have fun creating your own epic stories for all to see. Also remember if you want to add a little something extra you can go to our scene boxes tutorial.



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