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How to Make a Plastic Model - Recommended Tools and Supplies

Here are the tools and supplies that I use and recommend for building plastic models.



Suggested Tools


Compact Straight Extra Fine Point Slim Tweezer

I love a pair of very fine tip tweezers. I have several pair and I use them all the time for project making. They are indispensible for handling and placing small parts.



Micro Soft Wire Cutter,

Side cutters are a great tool to have for model making. It makes it very easy to get parts off the sprue.



Using a pin vise

And a lot of people have been asking me about the miniature hand drill that I use in this tutorial and video. It is a tool called a Pin Vise Drill. Neat little tool. They have them on amazon right here: Pin Vises on Amazon



X-ACTO Z Series #1 Knife with Cap (XZ3601)

If you only get one tool for model making this is the tool to get. I have ten of these. Yup, true. I have ten! And I always have scores of replacement blades on hand.




TEKTON 6655 Needle File Set, 10-Piece

These are great for filing down parts and cleaning up any flashing.



Double-sided Emery Boards - box of 144, 4 1/4" - 4 5/8"

If you don't want to get files you should get yourself some emory boards. They work just as well for model making.




Paints and Paint Related Supplies

Testors Acrylic Aircraft Finishing Paint Set
Detail Paint Brush Set - 12 Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Art Painting - Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil - Miniatures, Models, Airplane Kits, Warhammer 40k - Testors Promotional Enamel Paint Set Brush Cleaner 1.75oz Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint Thinner Testors Finishing Center Paint Set with New Carousel, Enamel



About Plastic Cements

This is the cement you will probably use. It is the work horse of plastic model making. (Cement Glue Value Pack Testors 2-7/8 fl oz tubes ) And it is quite good. This set comes with applicator tips which you see me use in the video. These applicator tips are very helpful.



For example, this is the same cement but it is in a precision tip applicator bottle. This makes it so much easier to apply fine amounts of cement without making a mess. (Testors 3507AT Liquid Cement for Plastic Models, 1-Ounce )



And personally I love this extra thin cement that comes in a bottle with an applicator brush. You can see me using it in the above picture. (Tamiya 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue Fine Tip 40ml )



These are indispensible for me


SE MH1047L Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier

This is the exact one that I bought. It has a pair of eyelenses, Another set of flip down eyelenses for more magnifying, and a loop for very close up. I like these. Amazon has lots of other types and styles too.



High-efficiency Magnifying Lamp - Giant 7-inch X 6-inch Lens - Powerful 5-diopter

I have one of these too. I love it. ALthough I have the style with the weighted base.








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