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Want to Learn how to make a video Game but not sure where to start? I have some great tutorials that will get you making games in no time at all! Make Video Games If you are not sure you want to learn how to program. These tutorials use free software that doesn't require any programming.

Making great video games while you learn how to program

If you want to learn how to make video games and you think that you want to learn how to program then there is an excellent opportunity for you to do both.

DarkBasic is the answer for you!

It is a complete tool that teaches you how to program and teaches you how to make video games from start to finish. With this software you will be making your own games.

C++ Is the programming language you probably want to use if you want to be a professional game developer. But C++ is a serious language and it takes time and skill to learn.

You might want to learn an easier language that gives you the concepts and ideas of programming while giving you the ability to create video games.

Dark Basic is perfect for you.

Note: Last time I checked DarkBASIC the standard edition was going for about twenty bucks. Twenty bucks! How can you go wrong with that?

The company that makes DarkBASIC has a great website with lots of supporting materials. This is an outstanding option for you if you want to learn how to program and how to make video games.

The software for you if you want to begin learning how to program and want to make video games

DarkBASIC StandardDarkBASIC
Easier to comprehend than some other game-programming packages out there, DarkBASIC offers both a fun tutorial and a powerful code editor. You can start programming right away in this offshoot of the BASIC language. First you will learn about the principles of programming, then advance onto media and 3-D topics with further study. The program makes it easy, and with a handful of impressive examples you can learn by doing on several short, fast programs.

DarkBASIC ProfessionalDarkBASIC ProfessionalIntroducing DarkBasic Pro, a powerful yet easy to learn programming language for creating games. PC Plus calls DarkBasic Pro Specifically suited to both new programmers and veterans alike. DarkBasic Pro lets you create ANY type of game, with almost any kind of 2D/3D effect and even lets you make games using Quake3 levels. It’s that powerful, flexible and easy to use.

Amazon.com has lots of great books on programming video games. Check it out. This link will take you directly to their section on Programming.Books on Programming

Amazon.com Best selling books on Game Develoment. Go directly to the list of top sellers.Top Selling Game Development Books