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Make A Spooky Gravestone in 30 minutes

It is easy to make an attractive gravestone for your halloween display and you can do it quickly with very little fuss. I show you what materials to use and how to put it all together quickly. This doesn't include paint drying time which will vary.

One note about painting the gravestone. Some spray on paints will actually eat right through the foam. I mean just put holes and craters right in it. A safe spray paint you can use is called H20 paint. It is a latex spray on paint made by Krylon and is available in most hardware or home improvement stores. Otherwise, test the paint you are using and most brush on paints will be ok but test them anyway. Krylon H20 Latex Aerosol Spray Paint, 12-Ounce, Black Sea

If you are looking for kids halloween costumes and stuff Amazon.com has a great store for it right here


How to Make the Gravestone

Halloween Gravestone

Here is a picture of the completed gravestone. The paint job came out particularly good and I will explain to you how I did this paint.


I use a product called Foamular. It is an insulating foam that comes in sheets either 1 or 2 inches thick. You can buy sheets of it any any home improvement store like Lowes or Home Depot.

Cut it in a rectangle to the size you want then cut the top so it is rounded. Pretty much as simple as that. Your gravestone is done and all you need to do is paint it then secure it in the ground.


Painting Scheme: I say you have fun and paint it any way you want. But what I did was lay down a complete coat of gray spray paint and let it dry. Then I sprayed on some white paint and with a paper towel I quickly smudged the white paint. This gives it a nice look. Finally I spray painted very lightly over the whole thing with black paint so all it did was speckle the whole thing.


Securing the Gravestone in the Ground

To secure the gravestone in place you stick two dowels half way into the ground. If you don't have dowels you could use pencils. I would put three or four pencils because they aren't very long.


Now push the stone right onto the stakes and you are done.


Here is my gravestone along with my cauldron. Anybody got eye of newt or tongue of bat? If you haven't seen that tutorial on how to make the cauldron it is located here: How to make a halloween cauldron


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