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Make the Game of Thrones throne (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make the throne. Part 1 is here.



Fill it out

At this stage it is a matter of filling it out with more swords. I used hot glue gun sparingly to keep things together. And the foam block is great for sticking the swords into. Look at a picture of the throne to get a sense for the size and shape of it.

Make those indented lines with a ball point pen before gluing the throne down.


The fan pattern

The fan at the back of the throne is a really interesting arrangement and to achieve it I laid out the swords on black construction paper and glued it all together.


Install the fan pattern

Then this can be glued to the back of the throne.


Continue to fill it out

Continue to fill it out, now we start to fill out the sides, the arm rests and well most of it. Remember that we are developing it so you can take swords out, add more, move them around etc.


Apply a clay base

Once we have the throne exactly the way we want it in terms of the swords we can add the clay base around it. It kind of looks like the swords have been melted into the pedestal.


NextLet's continue with the tutorial and finish it by painting it





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