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Fuegokoori-Fire & Ice

What is fuego koori?

This is quite an interesting little CD I have recently come across. The name "fuego koori comes from the Spanish word for fire "fuego" and the Japanese word for ice "koori." So what we have is an exciting mix of fire and ice. This CD and ensemble explores this exciting combination of emotional extremes.

The CD is cello and classical guitar and this made me wonder which one was the actual fuego? When people think of Cello they think of the beautiful melodic and deep richness. And when people think of the classical guitar they tend to think of just plain beautiful music. So it would seem that both instruments tend to be on the koori side of fuegokoori but.... That's where the passion and fire of the Flamenco Guitar comes in! Now there is some serious fuego! It doesn't get any hotter than the Spanish guitar! And this is exactly what this CD and this concept does. It combinel the sheer heat of the Spanish Guitar with the melodic beauty of the Cello.

Here is a quote from the Squidoo lens about this:

"fuegokoori explores crossovers of extreme emotions and soul-searching themes, featuring obscure works of more celebrated composers like paganini, sarasate, piazzolla and de falla, directly contrasted with works by leading japanese and chinese composers like mayuzumi toshiro and zhou long. experience the refreshing juxtaposition of asian calm and tranquility with flamenco's exuberance and fire!"

Upon first hearing about this CD my first thoughts went straight to Paganini and sure enough this CD does explore some of his lesser known work. This is an exciting concept and it looks to be an exciting CD.

Upon Listening to some excerpts

I love the Cello and I really love the classical guitar so I made an effort to track down some samples of this CD so I could get a taste right away.

Want to learn more about fuegokoori? (They have a second CD coming out called fuegokoori: passion)