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Here are my various articles on Classical Guitar and Classical Guitarists

Here are my articles in the world of the classical guitar. They include the full range from guitarists, reviews, books, and more.


Guitar and Playing Guitar


How to Advance Quickly in Your Guitar Playing - Will gives you his thoughts and some tips and techniques on how to get better faster.

Flavoring the Classical Guitar - The guitar has been an instrument of choice for centuries and all over the world. This is for good reason. Will takes a look at these differences and changes.

Popular Music songs that are great on classical Guitar There are lots of contemporary songs that sound wonderful on the guitar.

Classical Guitar for Children Will gives you some compelling reasons why this is an excellent choice for a child.

Classical Guitar on Fire - Among lay people the classical guitar has the reputation of being soft, sweet and gentle. While all of this is true the classical guitar can also be on fire. Watch these videos.

Will's recommended beginners repertoire - Looking for a good repertoire of music as a beginner? Here are Will's recommendations.

Forget about Tablature and learn how to read sheet music - Here Will explains why.

The History of the Spanish Guitar - There is nothing quite like the Spanish Guitar. In this article we take a look at its colorful history.

How to Care for your Guitar - It is an instrument not an appliance! And that means it needs some TLC. Here is how to take care of your guitar.

How to improve your right hand play - There are techniques you can use and practice that will get dramatic improvement out of your play and out of the speed of your play.

How to play like Segovia! Yup, want to play like the master? I have some tips and guidelines for you.

Zen and the Art of Classical Guitar - Zen is a state of mind and so is classical guitar.




Fernando Sor - He was a spanish composer and guitarist who was called the Beethoven of the guitar.

Francisco Tarrega - He was a guitarist and pianist. He was renowned for his use of folk music and his ability to transcribe and interpret piano for guitar.

A remembrance of Andres Segovia He changed the world of the classical guitar. He even changed the actual classical guitar itself.

John Williams -Contemporary guitarist, grammy winner, composer and well everybody knows his music even if you don't know it was written by him.

Julian Bream - Along with Segovia he ushered in a new age for the classical guitar in the twentieth century.

Paganini - Famous for his violin work he was also quite taken by the guitar. He played it and he wrote compositions for it.

Pepe Romero - (coming)