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Schubert: "Arpeggione" Sonata; Giuliani: Guitar Concerto

There are two works on this CD: The Schubert "Arpeggione" Sonata and the Giuliani Guitar Concerto. And both works are simply beautiful. But don't let the fact that there are two pieces on the CD fool you. This is a full CD that runs about 54 minutes and each piece has three movements. The Orchestra that plays with John Williams on this Cd is the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

About the two pieces. They were both written in the early 19th century so they have a very similar period feel and the Giuliani piece was written for the guitar while the Schubert piece was written for the Arpeggione which was a six stringed instrument similar to the guitar but was played on the lap while seated.

My Opinion: You don't have to be a hard core classical guitar fan to really love this CD. This is something that even the casual listener of classical music and classical guitar can enjoy. It would make a good first CD to introduce someone to classical guitar and music. You can't go wrong with this CD. John Williams is of course fantastic and the liner notes are extensive and interesting. Well worth the price paid. You will play this one quite often.

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