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Choosing a Classical Guitar

The most important thing you have to do when choosing a guitar is to choose a guitar specifically made for playing classical style music.

If you are considering a folk guitar or already have one it is not suitable for classical music. You need to get a classical guitar.


There are several significant differences. The wood and construction of classical guitars is different than that of folk guitars. Also, the strings are different. A folk guitar has metal strings and a classical guitar has nylon and silk strings. This makes a significant difference in the sound and the way the guitar handles.

Also, the neck of the classical guitar is wider than that of a folk guitar. A folk guitar focuses more on playing chords so strings that are close together are easier to strum. A classical guitar neck has the strings farther apart which facilitates solo note playing by pluckiing.

Now the question about which classical guitar should you get? This is partly a matter of taste. Some people want to get a high quality guitar from the very beginning. I don't however recommend this. You are new to classical guitar. I believe you should get a solid, easy to play, good sounding guitar -at a low price. As you progress in your guitar playing you will develop your ear and develop a taste for the better guitars. You will be able to choose a better grade guitar based on what you want and what you have learned -And what kind of sound you want.

So for now I recommend a solid beginner model from a reputable company. This one is perfect.

Yamaha c40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Package - Yamaha guitar packages are an affordable, all in one solution to guitarists seeking a high quality instrument with multiple accessories. The C40 package includes a full sized Yamaha C40 nylon string classical guitar, a guitar case and a CD with examples for the student to listen to and play along with. The C40 guitar features beautiful Indonesian Mahogany back and sides, a Spruce top, Javanese Rosewood fretboard and bridge, and chrome tuners.


If you are going into a guitar shop to buy a classical guitar I have an article you might want to read. It shows you the things to look for when buying a guitar. How to buy a classical guitar - Tiips and Hints to making a good purchase (even if you can't play that well)

It is perfect for the beginner. It has a great sound, is built by a reputable company and will last a lifetime. You won't even think of this guitar as a "beginners" guitar. It's an incredible value.

If you are determined to get a more professional quality guitar, so you will never have to buy another one, this one is fantastic.


Yamaha CG 182C Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar (Also available in Spruce Top)

  • Solid American Cedar Top
  • Rosewood Back and Sides
  • Nato Neck
  • Ebony Fingerboard
  • Rosewood Bridge



BROWSE THROUGH THE GUITARS has a great selection of guitars in every price range complete with lots of reviews and opinions by customers. Classical Guitars At

One final note: If you are going to play both classical guitar and folk/rock guitar I believe it is better to start out with the classical guitar. If you learn how to play on the folk guitar, with the strings so close together, it will be a tougher adjustment going to the spread out strings on a classical guitar.

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