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Classical Guitar Sound Track in an Animation

The Classical Guitar has been an important, and wonderful, part of my life. And well I have a lot of other pursuits including stop motion animation. I have been working on a new series of animations called "The DragonSlayer" and while writing out the script and thinking about it the thought struck me that I could lay in a classical guitar sound track. It seemed to be a perfect way to lend a certain mood and feel to the work. And it's true. The guitar work does lend something to the video.



Anyhoo, I am not a professional guitarist or a professional animator. But I do think this is a great example of how the guitar and music in general can be very enriching and very expressive in your life. It sure is in mine :)

There are two guitar pieces in this animation. They are both from Carcassi's Method (Opus 60). They are in A minor and are the Andante and Prelude. These two pieces are easy to play and a beginner can pick them up in no time. Watching and listening to the video gives you a real sense of the A minor key. I just love these pieces.


If you are interested in youtube videos I have lots of them on my youtube channel here