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CD Review: Collage by Escoto & Simon


Collage is a CD composed and performed by Escoto & Simon. It is classical guitar with very strong Latin influences.



Will's review of this CD

I tend to be an old fashioned purist when it comes to the classical guitar. I listen to a lot of the stuff by John Williams, Julian Bream and Andre Segovia. If it doesn't have an opus number I tend to not listen to it! When I feel adventurous I will dabble in something Spanish or Flamenco. Maybe something played by one of the Romeros.

But one of the beautiful things about the classical guitar is how it has evolved over the centuries in terms of music. It is an instrument that lends itself to world region flavors. Spanish Guitar is a good example of this. And it continues to be used gracefully and wonderfully on into an unforeseeable future.

And this is what I want to point out about this cd (Collage by Escuto & Simon)

Venturing into the present and the future

There are eleven tracks on the cd and they are all good. And they range in tone from traditional classical to flamenco-escque.


Hematite ------ Tiger's Eye ------ Agate

And there are three wonderful pieces right in the middle that are kind of like tone poems. They are each about a minute long and are called Hematite, Tigers Eye, and Lace Agate (Gemstones). These are some wonderful experimental pieces. And by experimental I don't mean they are off the charts in some new age way. I just mean it is neat to hear a gem as expressed by the classical guitar.

All in all its a wonderful cd with a wide range of modern classical guitar as it expressed through spanish and latin phrasings and rhythms. Very enjoyable.

My favorite track is #9 (RainForest II) It is played arpeggio style and very traditional. And track #10 runs a close second (Exit). It stays very traditional but dips into some wonderfu Spanish Guitar phrasings.

Available on CD Baby here You can buy the whole CD or download only specific tracks for 99 cents.

It is also available on where you can listen to samples of the tracks.

Collage by Escoto & SimonCollage







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