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Classical Guitar Online Radio Station

I have been on a quest for a while now to find a great online classical guitar radio station. The kind of station that plays just classical guitar 24 hours a day. Over the course of time I have looked and looked and never found anything until now!

Yes, I am so excited and this station is what I listen to all day while I work. OMG, I simply cannot get enough of this station.

Alright so I am gushing a little bit but I am truly excited. I am very passionate about the classical guitar. Anyway let me give you the specifics so you can listen to it too. And I will give you a listing of some of the works they play.

There are two versions of this Classical Guitar channel: A free version and a paid version.

The Free Version

The company that produces the channel is called Calm Radio. And what you need to do to listen to it is get iTunes which is totally free: .

What the free version means is that every 20 minutes you listen to an advertisement to subscribe to . That's it. Otherwise it is just lots of great classical guitar. And they really have a great selection. They know what they are doing here.

Once you have iTunes installed just:

click on "radio" in the left hand menu.

Then click on the little triangle for "classical"

That brings up the free classical music stations

Look for the CALM RADIO stations

One is called "Classical Guitar"

Click on that and you are good to go! Enjoy


The Paid Version

You can go to and sign up for their subscription. It is about five dollars a month, less if you pay by the year. Then you can listen to any of their 30+ streaming radio stations without commercials. I haven't done this yet but I will. I really love their Classical Guitar station. really.

Here is a selection of the pieces that played while I was writing this web page. This station is all about passion for the classical guitar and I would put their playlist at just about perfect. It is my guess to be about 90% solo works with the other 10% being ensemble pieces, but ensemble pieces that spotlight the guitar. And out of all these pieces I would put about 25% in the Spanish Guitar realm. Just about all perfect.

What they played while I wrote this webpage:

  • Tarrega- Capprichio Arabe (Serenata)
  • Incantation #6 (Various Artists)
  • Julian Bream: Niccol Paganini Grand Sonata op 39
  • Commercial Break
  • Fernando Sor Fantaisie Opus 63 (souvenir de Russie)

Added Note:

I finally upgraded to the paid version and really loveit. 5.95 a month and I have it popped right into my iTunes player which is nice. I also chose from some of the other channels too like Baroque and Symphony.