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Passion for the Classical Guitar

When I was a teenager I first picked up the guitar. It was a great way to impress girls. Every boy probably considers playing guitar at some point in his adolescence. I got a certain amount of proficiency with it. I could play some favorites like Stairway to Heaven and Blackbird.


About the Classical Guitar; Even though it was many years ago I still remember it very vividly. I was channel surfing and I ran across a bio documentary on PBS about the classical guitarist Julian Bream. I was enthralled. He played really great and even though the phrasing of classical music was new to me I fell in love with it.I was hooked. I can still remember some snippets from the show.

In particular he played this one solo piece called "Adelita" It was relatively simple but it also sounded beautiful. I thought to myself: "I can play that!" So the very next day I rushed down to the local music shop and purchased two books. One was the Carcassi Method for Classical Guitar and the other was a compilation of Spanish music pieces that had the work "Adelita" in it. Over the course of the next several weeks I focused on learning how to read music and soon I was actually playing the piece "Adelita". What a wonderful feeling. To this day I still play Adelita as a part of my standard repertoire and it still brings a feeling of fulfillment to me.

One other thing I vividly remember from thie show is Julian talking about one of his records going "Gold" where it sold over so many copies of the album. The record company send him an actual gold album in a plaque for his wall. He tells of how he took it out of the fram and played it and it wasn't his record! IT was some heavy metal album! What a hoot!

He contacted the record company and they sent him the right one.

Isn't it amazing how a period of 90 minutes in your life can have a profound impact on the rest of your life? To this day playing classical guitar has given me an unlimited well of satisfaction and joy.

If you are considering playing classical guitar I of course highly recommend it! I even have a tutorial that can help you get started.