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The Spanish Guitar Scale

Spanish Guitar has a very distinct tone and flavor to it. It is immediately recognizable. There are many different scales for the spanish guitar and the most popular and easiest to play are those that revolve around the open E string of your guitar.

Here is an easy Spanish Scale for you to play and get familiar with. The tuning for the guitar is the standard tuning.

This is the note progression starting with the open 6th string E

E - F - G# - A - B - C - D - E - and of course you continue this note progression right down the fretboard. You can get two full octaves out of this first position of the guitar.


Spanish Scale on the guitar

Here is the Spanish Scale extended through the whole six strings of the guitar.

The white dots represent where to play the note. Notice that five of the strings are played open in the scale. Here are these notes in progression down the fretboard Spanish scale in one direction mp3

Now play them in both directions down then up the fretboard and strings Spanish Scale up and down the strings mp3

This is real easy to learn and you should just practice going up and down the strings until you get fluid with it. Then try to do some improvising with these notes. All you do is tinker around with the notes and see what you come up with. Here is a twenty second improvisation I did on this Spanish Scale Spanish Scale Improvisation mp3




Interested In Spanish Guitar Instructional books or CD's ? I also have some sample spanish guitar pieces that I play? The Spanish Guitar

30 Easy Spanish Guitar Solos (Book & CD) Easy arrangements with tab of favorites by Albeniz, Granados, Sor, Tarrega, and others. Includes: Cielito Lindo, Lagrima, Leyenda, Malaguena, La Paloma, Salamanca, and more. Also includes a demonstration CD.




Spanish Classics for Guitar in Tab Spanish Classics for Guitar in Tablature (Classical Guitar) - A collection of 12 classic pieces from one of Spain's most significant composers, Isaac Albeniz. This book contains some of the finest transcriptions and easy-to-read guitar tablature, including: Mallorca, Sevilla, Serenata Arabe, and more.




Mel Bays Flamenco Guitar

Mel Bay's Flamenco Guitar: Basic Techniques (Technicas Basicas) - This book, written in both English and Spanish is the most authoritative method available on flamenco guitar technique. Juan Serrano is one of the world's premier flamenco concert soloist and is a seasoned teacher and performer in this vibrant, colorful musical genre. The text describes the history and development of flamenco music; teaches basic music theory; presents developmental studies on flamenco guitar techniques such as rasgueado and tremolo; and offers 14 exciting flamenco guitar solos. Written in notation and tablature.


Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo y Gabriela (with Bonus DVD) -




Essential Guitar

Essential Guitar: 33 Guitar Masterpieces - This collection features performances of popular works for the guitar by Julian Bream, Alexandre Lagoya, Paco Pena, Andres Segovia, John Williams, and Pepe Romero.




Spanish Guitar Music

Spanish Guitar Music - Fandango, Nocturno for Guitar in A minor, Espana, Recuerdos de la Alhambra and many more.