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Many years after I started playing classical guitar I was sent by my company on a business trip to Spain. It was a little city in the south of Spain called Cadiz. In the evenings I would go out and experience the wonderful nightlife of the Spanish people. (They have a joy for easy going celebration of friends, coffee, and clubs that is absolutely wonderful.)

One night, I don't know if it was a special occasion for the Spanish but I was in the one club and there were a whole bunch of mothers and daughters. The daughters ranging in age from 15 to 20ish. And although I couldn't speak spanish it seemed to me like it was some kind of tradition that the mothers were teaching the daughters how to do some kind of flamenco dancing.

It was absolutely wonderful. I was completely enthralled by this glimpse into their culture. At one point a gentleman picked up a big guitar that was resting against a wall and he started to play flamenco style guitar. The magic of the moment, the spontaneity of it just hit me over the head like an anvil. I was in love with Spanish/flamenco guitar. I had been playing classical guitar but with the exception of "Adelita" had never played anything with this flavor.

Spanish/flamenco guitar is a standard part of my repertoire now and I have a great CD collection full of This kind of music. If you are interested in listening tosome Spanish and Flamenco Guitar music I have put together a list of some of the best recordings.