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Lesson 4: The Left Hand Position



The illustration above shows good left hand position. It is important that your wrist be close to straight. This will enable the tendons in your hand and wrist to move fully and with strength. If you bend your wrist too much it can, over time, cause physical damage to the tendons. (carpal tunnel syndrome)

This illustration shows the wrist bent too much.




Another common bad habit that beginners pick up is the positioning of the thumb. Too often the thumb is wrapped up onto the fingerboard of the guitar. This is shown here.





You should keep the thumb in the back of the neck and usually not bring it any higher than the fourth or fifth string. This will enable your fingers to do their work properly. It will also give you the ability to reach a larger span over the fingerboard with increased speed.

The illustration at the right shows correct positioning of the thumb.




A Note about the positioning of the Left hand: This is just a recommendation and guideline. Different people do play differently and you should always be comfortable when you play. Do not sacrifice enjoyment of playing in an attempt to achieve perfect form. But.... Give it a try and be conscious of it. Over time your hand will get more and more comfortable with this positioning.


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