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Tutorial Continued - How to Care for Your Guitar

Your guitar is a musical instrument. Sounds pretty obvious huh? But a musical instrument is a carefully crafted sound creation machine made out of exotic wood. A lot has gone into the design and building of it. It isn't like a piece of stereo equipment. It needs special consideration and care. Here are some tips and hints.  
D Andrea Deluxe Guitar Care kit
D Andrea Deluxe Guitar Care Kit
A deluxe kit for taking care of your guitar. Contains Guitar Polish (4 oz.), Wood Care Guide, Lemon Oil (2 oz.), String Cleaner (2 oz.), Polishing Cloth (12" x 15" ).


  • Don't leave your guitar in extreme weather condition like the car when the heat is high
  • Don't leave your guitar in a high humidity or damp location like the basement
  • Don't lean your guitar against a wall when not using it. Keep it in a case. It is very easy for the guitar to tip over, fall, and be damaged.
  • Don't play the guitar with dirty hands. The natural oil of your hands can shorten string life and damage the fine wood.
  • Don't handle your guitar roughly - treat it gently with respect
  • Don't place anything in the soundhole
  • Don't use furniture polish or commercial cleaners on your guitar


  • Do Clean your guitar regularly. I clean mine every time I change the strings. With the strings removed it is easy to inspect for damage or problems and clean all the small areas.
  • Do use an approved polish and soft rag
  • Do Inspect your guitar regularly for damage or issues
  • Do change your strings regularly
  • Do wash your hands before you play
  • Get a case to keep your guitar in (For a classical guitar you should get a hard shell case)


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