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Lesson 8 Continued : Playing some Notes on the Guitar

Ok, all of that theory is quite a lot and I know it can be difficult. But it will come with time and practice! Just take a little bit and if you get confused put it away for a little bit and come back to it the next day. Soon it will become easy for you! For now, in this lesson we are just going to play a tiny bit to help tie things together for you. This will give you a bit of understanding about the notes on the staff in the sheet music and how they are notes on your guitar.










Here is the piece of music we can play. Take a look at it and think about your lessons. You see the 4/4 shows us that there are four beats in every measure and the quarter note equals one beat. Great, that makes these two bars pretty easy to play. Just play each note per beat. I have put the name of each not (EFGA) under it just to make it easy for you for now.


So here are these four notes on the guitar. For the "E" you just pluck that string open. Then for the "F" you put your finger just behind the first fret. The letter shows you about where your finger should be. "G" is just behind the 3rd fre and "A" is just behind the 5th fret.


So go ahead and give it a try. Play the E, F, G and A. Then go backward and play the A, G, F and E.

Here is a series of four pictures that show you what your fingers do. You play these four notes in progression just as the pictures show. Then you just go backwards to play the final four notes. Interesting thing to note is that when you get to the "A" you will then play another "A" so you don't have to move the fingers of your left hand.

Playing open E

Playing F

Playing G

Playing A


Lets continue on with how to read sheet music for classical guitar and actually play a scale . I even have pictures showing you what your fingers do.