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A User Submitted 300 Diorama

Here are a couple of great pictures submitted by a web visitor. (Dan H. of Wales in Great Britain) He used my project plans to make his own Hot Gates Diorama! Nice! It came out great and it is currently a work in progress. He has more work he wants to do on it.


Is this a hard project to do? Well, it does take some time to do a project this large but can you do one? You sure can! Dan H. Did one. Just follow along with my tutorials and videos and you can make your own massive diorama of the famous Hot gates at Thermopylae battle.

My thanks to Dan H. for this great project and for the great pictures! In my opinion the gates came out better than mine. The cliff structure looks more sheer and intimidating. He did a nice job with that. And I really like the way they both turn in toward each other just a little bit at the top. It adds a nice touch. Makes the Hot Gates almost like a portal!

If you make a large diorama like this I would love to see pics of it and I may post them to my website so send em along :) If you are interested in the tutorial on how to make this diorama it starts here: The making of the 300 Diorama, and it has lots of videos and pictures to help.

Dan H. Hot Gates Diorama

Dan H. Hot Gates Diorama



Make mountains out of craft paper! Yup, you would be surprised how easy it is to make terrain with thick paper. This tutorial was submitted by a web visitor (Frank) and my thanks go to him for the great tip.




Little Red Riding Hood Diorama - You have got to see this diorama. It was made by a web visitor. And she uses a lot of standard diorama making techniques like trees, terrain, rocks and waterfall. The Little Red Riding Hood Diorama.