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Part 3 of the 300 Diorama



The Making of the 300 Spartans Battle of Thermopylae Diorama- Part 3 Building the frame and base.


The Base of the Diorama

When making a diorama of this size you really need to consider the strength of the base. This diiorama is two feet by three feet so I wouldn't call it a large diorama; it is more of a medium sized one. But I really wanted it to be strong so I built a base out of two by threes and put a sheet of wood right over it for the surface. If you are making a diorama think about making it nice and strong.


The underside of the diorama base

Here is a look at the underside so you can see how I constructed it out of wood.


Transfer the Pattern onto the base

Next I cut out the pattern and transferred the drawing right onto the base. You can lay the whole template right on the base and transfer like that but it was easy for me to cut some of it out.


Transfer is complete

Okay, we transferred the pattern onto the base and I added some additional notes to refer to as I build up the diorama.

We are ready to start building the actual diorama. And this is a big step because up until now all the work we have done has been in two dimensions on flat surfaces and now we are going to be working in three dimensions. The notes I made on the base will help me in doing the three dimensional work. Now let's start making the terrain shell for this diorama.


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