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A floating Boat Mill Diorama


This is an amazing diorama made by Vic who has been a miniature and diorama maker for a few years. This particular diorama he has made is quite unique. It is not often you see something like this where there are some great water effects and a building actually floating right on it. Nice work! This is a real type of building from England. Although it might be something from the past. I am not sure if they still have these kinds of buildings.

Here is what Vic has to say about the diorama and the making of it:

 Most of the basics are common building supplies such as the styrene insulation material covered in builders finishing plaster to make the ravine & the river is made from commonly available clear fibre glass resin  so no fancy expensive materials used at all really.

I had an early disaster doing the resin by being too eager to see how it looked pouring it to thickly & it cracked & distorted so I had to rescue and repair the delicate water wheel and then learn my lesson by pouring a number of thin coats to build it up over several days . 

 I'll keep you posted when I have prepared  the descriptive website altho I still have quite a bit to do on the diorama, I want to make a delicate arch bridge to span the gorge across the front of the mirror & then I have to make lots of small trees & a distant skyline across the back .

If you want to see more of Vics work be sure to check out his website: VicNewey.com


Boat Mill Diorama

Boat mill on a river diorama

closeup of the diorama


Japanese Castle Diorama

Japanese Castle Dioramas

Here are pictures of two very elaborate dioramas of castles in Japan. I took these pictures while on a trip to Japan. Japanese Castle Dioramas


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