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Vietnam Diorama



Here is a fantastic Vietnam diorama made by Ron D. My thanks go to him for submitting these pictures to the site. There are some amazing things about this diorama including the vehicles, built in embankment for a vehicle, some terrific painted miniatures and a sandbag surrounded bunker. This is a great example of building the base and terrain of the landscape then accentuating it with some terrific models, vehicles and miniatures. Ron wants me to know that he can't take all the credit for this diorama. Here is what he says: . The part with the smaller tank ( Duster ) and the bunker was done by his friend. And I did the part that has the trees and the two tanks and the bigger bunker.

For me something like this is a lot of fun on different levels because you build the diorama but you also get to build and paint the model vehicles. All of this is in 1/35 scale.


OVerhead view of the diorama


The figures


The bunker


The vehicles


The structures


LVTP5-A1 Vietnam US Marines 1-35 AFV Club (Amphibious Tractor for Personnel)

Amphibious ttractor