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Some Pictures of Trenches in a diorama

Here are some tips from Alec on how he made this diorama:

Basically used a 4x2 board of wood for the base, then I cut long strips of cardboard from boxes, I bent them and taped them down for the layout of the trenches, filled in the areas between the trenches and no mans land with crumpled up newspaper, sorta taped it down to give it an uneven look, then i used plaster of paris and paper towel strips to go over it, then after that dried I put down a layer of forest green spray paint for a base, then added different colors like a more dirty green, brown, and a sandy color for the terrain, then I just hot glued the figurines down.


This is a great series of pictures of a Trench Diorama that was made by Alec R. My thanks to him for submitting these pictures. This is a great example of a complex series of trenches.

War Trench

War trenches 2


The road to Berlin diorama

The Road To Berlin

Glen shows us how he builds a diorama like this and takes us through the steps including casting the plaster building in molds and adding the figures. It is a beautiful diorama if you want to make a military diorama this tutorial will show you how. The Road to Berlin


UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Luis' UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama

Before they were Navy Seals they were called Frogmen. A web visitor (Luis) has created an amazing diorama with incredible detail. He tells us how he made it, how he achieved the water effects and more. (And we have lots of pics) Check it out here: The UDT Boat Frogmen Diorama