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A Dolphin Diorama

This is a terrific diorama that was made by a web visitor (Patricia M.) And it shows a few wonderful things about dioramas. The first thing I want to point out is that it makes wonderful use of the space inside the diorama box. You can see how it is very three dimensional? It comes forward in the box and it also has a wonderful sense of vertical space.


Here is what Patricia has to say about the making of this diorama:

  The gloss gel is painted on plexiglass (bought and cut to size by Lowe's) that is in the box like a shelf.  The dolphins are from a craft store and I drilled little holes in them to hang with fishing line. The background is scrapbooking paper. Thank you so much for the ideas and the video. The gloss gel was perfect and inexpensive.


a dolphin Diorama


Wild Republic Polybag Whales and Dolphins -

  • This set comes in an 8 x 12 inch bag. Stimulates Creativity.
  • Set includes assorted whales and bottlenose dolphins.
  • This product meets or exceeds all US Safety Requirements(ASTM F963-96A) and European Safety Standards (EN71).
  • Wild Republic allows kids to explore the Wonders of Nature and let their imagination grow!


Safari LTD Bottlenote Dolphin

Beloved by children and adults alike, the bottlenose dolphin is a majestic, social mammal that lives in seas all over the oceanic world. They use clicks and whistles to communicate with other dolphins in their "pods" and are revered for their intelligence.

  • Part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Collection, which was designed with marine biologists to make scaled, highly accurate, and detailed educational toys of those who dwell under the sea.


Making Waves

Want to learn how to do the wonderful wave effects like in this diorama? I have exact instructions in a tutorial right here: Water effects in the secret grotto diorama



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