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Make the Irish Spring Diorama Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we make the miniature scenery in the diorama including the cute little tree.


Let's start by making the miniature paper tree


Cut a brown paper bag like this. Notice there are more branches than roots. You can vary the number of each -making as many branches and as many roots as you like.

Brown paper bag cut pattern


Start by twisting the trunk section.

Twist the trunk


Then twist the branches.

Twist the branches


And finish it by twisting the roots. With a pair of scissors cut the branches and roots to the desired length after they are twisted.

Twist the roots and trim it all


Finish it off by mixing white glue 50/50 with water and brushing it onto the whole tree. Really soak it! This will harden it so it maintains it's shape.


Apply glue mix to the tree

You may have to do several coats. And keep an eye on it. It will sag over time. Re shape it as it starts to harden.


Once it is dry glue it to the base of the diorama.

Glue tree to base


Next apply green clay as the grassy landscape. I applied it in small pieces like you see here. This gives it a more realistic look. It's a little bit hilly and uneven.

Apply green clay


Then cut out a space for the brook.

Cut the brook


And apply some blue clay.

Add blue clay for the brook'


Next Let's continue with the diorama and make the Fairy Ring