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Make a Diorama in an Egg - Continued

In this part of the tutorial we build the little scene inside the egg. Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here.



Paint the background

From here it is pretty much standard diorama making techniques. I painted the background of the scene first. The ground is green grass and the sky is blue with a few dabbled clouds.

Make a ground base of foam

Next I made a piece of ground to go inside the egg. This is florists foam. The trick is to make it small enough to fit into the hole in the egg.


Install the base

Glue it into the bottom of the egg.


Wire fence

Now we start building the scenery in the egg. And it all depends on what scene you are making. I started with little pieces of wire to make a fence. A pair of tweezers come in handy at this point.

Build any little structures you want to build at this point. And do the stuff in the back first. If you put in stuff in the front first it will get in your way.


Paint the objects

Now let's do some painting. I painted the fence brown and the ground green.


Apply texture

While the grass paint is still wet I sprinkled terrain texture on it. Doing this while wet will stick the texture to the terrain.

This is something called fine turf. A company called Woodland Scenics makes it for dioramas and railroaders.


Woodland scenics fine turf green grass t1345 64.6 in3 (1.05 dm3)

Comes in Shaker. Ads texture and highlights to trees and scenery. Available in six realistic colors, which model fresh, scorched and dying grasses, weeds and dirt roads.



The hollowed out egg with terrain

Here is how it looks with the terrain sprinkled on. It looks really wonderful and realistic.

The texture looks good

It looks great! Now all we need to do is add the figures.


Adding figures

Now we add our little figures. In this case we start with the chickens. I used a tacky glue for this. And be sure the terrain is completely dry first or the glue will just pull it up and not stick properly.

Add the chicken lady

We finish it off by inserting the chicken lady!


And that's it! Your diorama in an egg is done.

The completed diorama



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