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Make a Game of Thrones Diorama
Part 5: The trees

In this part of the tutorial we take a quick look at the trees. I don't cover the complete process of making them though. I have a tutorial for that right here. How to make miniature trees. You can check out that tutorial if you want to make your own trees.

Otherwise you can also purchase trees for your project.


Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here including the video


Making the trees

Making the trees is a fun little process which uses some wire, a drill and some soft loose material like felt or chenillle. You wrap the trees and shape them with scissors.

This diorama has a whole lot of trees so we made about two hundred of them.


You can also purchase trees. They come in different sizes and scales:

TreesPremium Conifer Tree, 3-4" (2)


Snow covering the trees

Our trees are snow covered too so spray them with an adhesive and either roll them in your snow or sprinkle the snow on them.


Installing the trees

Now it is a matter of poking or drilling small holes in the surface of the diorama then gluing in the trees. Have fun with this and look at it a lot to get a nice look with the trees and how they are placed. Trees grow in thick yet random patterns with some being closer together than others. Don't uniformly space them. It will look unnatural.

When using glue on the diorama you should always test the glue first. Some types of glue will actually melt the pink foam.


Glue the buildings

Next we glue down the buildings. Gorilla glue works really well for this. But there are lots of types of gorilla glue so be srue to test.

Sprinkle on snow

Now we can detail it up by sprinkling on the snow. Do it as light or as heavy as you want. And don't forget to sprinkle it on the tops of the buildings too. We did it pretty heavy on the snowy parts of the diorama but only lightly on the castle grounds.

To do this you first spray on some kind of adhesive.

Seal it with a sealant

Now, to finish it off you should use some kind of a spray sealant on it. Cover everything including the trees, terrain and buildings.

And once this sealant has dried you can tip the diorama and shake off any excess materials. This sealant holds everything in place. But it also keeps the diorama fresh. It will maintain its crisp colors for years to come.


NextOkay! Couple of things left to do. The Wall and the automated working elevator



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