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Make an Egyptian Diorama Part 3: The Oasis


This is part 3 of the make an egyptian diorama tutorial. In this part of the tutorial I show you how to make the various parts of the Oasis, This includes water effects, some tufts of marsh grass and the palm trees. If you came to this page directly from a search engine you can start out the tutorial at part 1 here: How to make an Egyptian diorama


The oasis

Let's finish this diorama by creating the oasis. There are several interesting parts of this oasis including the water, the palm trees and the tufs of grass.

First be sure you have laid out your base paints. the bottom of the oasis should be blue because the casting resin we put in there as water is clear and the blue will show through.


the Palm Trees


To Make the palm trees I stuck armature wires in a cork and then used a hardening modeling clay to form the main trunks. (I used Procreate )

To make the palm leaves I simply cut pieces of origami paper to the leaf shapes and glued them to the top of these trunks. Once the trees hardened I removed them from the cork and stuck/glued them into the surface of the diorama.


Making Tufts of Grass

To make the tufts of grass simply put a drop of white glue onto the surface of the diorama. Grab a bunch of grass (this can be the bristles of a paint brush.) Cut them all off at a certain point so one edge is straight. Put this straight cut edge right into the glue.

I have a complete tutorial on how to do this right here: Making Tufts of Grass


Easy Cast for the water

To make the water of the oasis I used a product called Easy Cast ( Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy Enamel Resin 16 oz)

You simply mix equal amounts of the two chemical and then pour it right into the oasis. It hardens in about twenty four hours and is crystal clear like water. Because it is clear be sure to paint the bottom of the oasis a nice blue color first -this blue will show through.


And that's pretty much it! If you haven't seen it yet you might want to watch the video of how to make this egyptian diorama






Make mountains out of craft paper! Yup, you would be surprised how easy it is to make terrain with thick paper. This tutorial was submitted by a web visitor (Frank) and my thanks go to him for the great tip.




Little Red Riding Hood Diorama - You have got to see this diorama. It was made by a web visitor. And she uses a lot of standard diorama making techniques like trees, terrain, rocks and waterfall. The Little Red Riding Hood Diorama.





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