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Make an Interactive Halloween Diorama - Part 2 (Let's Build it!)

In this part of the tutorial we start the actual building of the diorama by designing it and laying out the foam base.


The foam structure

We start out with two sheets of foam to make the base of the diorama. The large sheet is the basic base. The smaller is a hill. The overall dimensions of this are 24 inches wide and about 20 inches deep. The height is about. 4 inches.

The mausoleum

Now we start adding the major foam details to the diorama. These include the Mausoleums and the staircase.



And we drill out the various spots where out LED's are going to go. (The five pumpkins and the three Victorian Style streetlights)


Cutting the runways

And we cut out runways under the bottom of the diorama. This is so we can run the wires.


THe wired LED's

The LED's are wired up. And I even soldered them so they would stay strong.


The victorian streetlamps are straws curved at the end where the accordian is., painted black, and the LED's with wires are inserted.


The gravestone holes

And we cut out the various gravestones.


Attack on Titan Sword

Make the Attack on Titan Sword

This is an easy project that turns out great. You just need one sheet of foamboard. How to make the Attack on Titan Sword


a miniature house

How to make a miniature house

Fun project and it all is very suited for making dollhouses too. This is foamboard at its best! And this tutorial includes a youtube video. How to Make a miniature house.

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