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Part 4: Finishing the diorama by adding textures and terrain

Let's finish off the diorama by doing some standard terrain and textures.



For an interesting looking diorama and one that is more realistic you should vary the terrain both in size and in texture. Here are four of the different textures I used on this diorama. On the left is fine turf. This is a good base to spread on the green surfaces. It makes it look like grass. From there the other three are textures of varying roughness and color.

Terrain textures

Here is a closer look at these four. You can see the varyiing texture size and the varying color.

Closeup of the textures

For the fine texture I mixed white glue with water then brushed that onto the diorama. Then I sprinkled on the fine turf.

For the rougher textures I used a tacky glue to attach them to the diorama. They give the look of bushes and shrubbery.

Tacky glue


Adding bushes


And that's pretty much it. I added a little bit of color because it is the fountain of youth. It feels like it should be conducive to colorful plant growth, flowers etc.

The textures are varied

Here is the completed diorama.

The completed diorama




Waterfall in a diorama

A Waterfall in a diorama

Actually pretty easy to make a great looking waterfall if you know the right tools and techniques. I have it right here: Make a waterfall in a diorama


Check out my book on how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas. I put all my best techniques and tricks in this book!

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The English Water Mill Diorama

Here is another great diorama made by Frank. This one has a great layout and a great look. And it has water effects. But the big thing about this one is that Frank has figured out a very inexpensive way to make great looking water in a diorama. Check it out here: The English Water Mill Diorama.