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The Working Water Mill

The Water Mill or Flour Mill is a neat little addition to the Diorama for a couple of different reasons. First off the Water Wheel Turns and that will be interesting to look at. But secondly it is part of the water effects in the diorama. Some kind of water effect in a diorama is always an interesting thing to look at.


Here is a look at the completed Flour Mill. The Water Wheel turns with a little motor and the actual building has a slanted bottom because it will sit on a hill where the water flows.


The completed Flour Mill


Making the water wheel

This picture gives you a pretty good idea of how the water wheel itself is made. It is just pieces of balsa wood. I cut two rings and a bunch of little paddles that connect the two rings together.

THe balsa wood water wheel

I just glued it all together with a hot glue gun. Now it just needs a dowel as the mechanical shaft that it turns on.


The Electric Motor

I power the Water Wheel with a little gearbox that I bought. It has a little electric motor. But it is important that it also have the little set of gears because little electric motor spin extemely fast. I chose a gear box that was nice and slow so the wheel turns slowly.

The picture here shows the gearbox glued down to a piece of foamboard. This is so it mounts into the building. And you can see the wooden dowel sticking out the end of it. That is the actual shaft that goes through the water wheel.


Under the Mill

And this picture shows that little unit above now mounted into the inside of the Mill. The drive dowel is ready to have the wheel mounted on it.

NextOkay, lets continue and make the surface terrain of the diorama



Medieval village book

Make This Medieval Village (USBORNE CUT-OUT MODELS)

A brand new edition of the 'Make This Medieval Village'. Each page contains pieces which children can cut-out and glue to create a medieval village complete with an inn, medieval houses and a village fair, as well as the inhabitants including the Lord of the Manor, innkeeper and pedlars. Front Cover


Medieval town booklet

Make This Medieval Town (Cut Out Models)

Printed on stiff card, this book contains templates to cut out and construct a superb model of a medieval town crammed with authentic detail. The model includes miniature villagers and tent stalls for re-creating medieval life. It can be combined with "Medieval Castle", "Medieval Cathedral" and "Medieval Village" to make a complete medieval settlement. The base of the model measures 60.5 x 46cm.



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