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Hi, Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Will and if you have questions
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Accurate Miniatures

You can also shop them directly:Available on amazon here

Accurate Miniatures U.S. WWII Armament with Ground Service Equipment Model Kit

  • 1/48th scale
  • Includes 6 depth charges, 8 100 lb. bombs, 8 500 lb. bombs and 2 1000 lb. bombs
  • Includes 1 2000 lb. bomb, 1 1600 lb. armor-piercing bomb, 1 Mk., 13 torpedo and 8 5-inch HVAR rockets
  • Includes 1 bomb cart and 1 tractor
  • Paint and glue not included


Accurate Miniatures Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-8 Josef "Pips" Priller on D-Day Model Kit

  • 1/48th scale
  • Molded in tan plastic
  • Authentic markings included for three versions
  • Armament options include a centerline bomb, centerline external fuel tank, underwing W.Gr.21 rockets and separate launch tubes
  • Paint and glue not included


Accurate Miniatures F-6B TAC RECCE Mustang Model Kit

  • 1/48th scale
  • Recessed panel lines and includes Recon camera
  • Authentic markings included for two versions ('Little Sir Echo II,' or 'Slick Chick')
  • Optional tires (weighted and unweight) and optional canopy (standard or Malcom Hood)
  • Paint and glue not included