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Frank's Dioramas

Frank really is having a lot of fun making dioramas and his work is very unique. He generally tends to make a lot of the projects from scratch which is terrific. You can check out his various dioramas and get great ideas on how you can make one.

The castle

This is a brilliant little project that looks great and if you are looking to make an easy castle that looks good this one is a good source of idea and inspiration. Check it out here.

The Secrert Waterfall Diorama

You and your band of adventurers come to a dead end corridor. You break the wall with pick-axes and discover a secret waterfall. Check it out here.


Frank's upgraded workshop

Frank has a specific area for making his dioramas, and it looks great! Take a look at it to get ideas for how to layout your workshop or workspace. Frank's upgraded workshop

The Flower Shop

This is a fun little diorama that shows how you can make a great looking and creative diorama using basic arts and crafts supplies. Check it out here.


Remake of the German 88 and Field Kitchen Diorama

Frank has upgraded his 88 diorama. It depicts a German encampment which includes a field kitchen and an 88 gun Check it out right here


How to Make Rippling water and waves (Easily)

Frank is a master diorama maker and a frequent contributor to this website. He has come up with a brilliant and inexpensive way to make rippling water and waves in a diorama. Check it out here.


The Harbour Diorama

It is a great little water scene and the largest diorama Frank has made so far. And he shows us a new (and brilliant) water making technique. The Harbour Diorama


How to Use Plastic Plants in a Diorama

Frank is very crafty and creative when it comes to making dioramas. He gives us a tip on how to use dollar store plants in a diorama. Plastic Plants and dioramas


German 88 and Field Kitchen

Here is a great little diorama that depicts a pretty complete encampment. It has a German 88 with crew and a German Field Kitche with crew. Check it out right here


A Waterfall for Will!

Frank knows that I love dioramas, waterfalls and mountains. So he made a diorama with waterfalls and mountains! Thanks Frank! It came out terrific.:)A Waterfall for Will


The Farm Gate Diorama

A company called MiniArt makes a whole series of buildings and structures that are great for dioramas. In this one Frank takes a farm gate and modifies it. This show how you can get creative with diorama making and save a lot of time by not having to make walls and gates. The Mini Art Farm Gate Diorama


The Tudor Castle

It's one of my favorite projects Frank has made. I love tudor buildings, and I love castles. This one is a little of both. And it's easy to make. Frank has also included some pictures of it during the assembly process. Check it out here


The Terrarium/Diorama (With waterfall)

This is a wonderful project that is both a diorama and a terrarium. You have got to see this one. . Check it out here


Final Stand

This is a diorama made from Master Box figures in their Indian War series. It depicts a critical life or death scene. Check it out here

Anzac Infantry

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was an army corps of British Empire forces that was original formed in Australian and New Zealand in the First World War. During the Second World War the ANZAC was again used in the battle for Greece. Then the units participated in the defense of Crete against the German invasion. Frank got a Revell kit for the Anzac infantry and made a diorama with it. You can check it out here: The Anzac Infantry Diorama


Australian Outback Farm

Did you ever wonder what a farm in the Australian outback looks like? Well, here you go! Complete little scratch built diorama with a tractor, chickens and a water tower! The Australian Outback Farm Diorama


J & G Florist Shop

Here is a wonderful little diorama scene made from commonly found materials. The flower pots are beads! You should try something like this. Check out pictures of this idyllic little diorama scene here: J & G Florist Shop Diorama


German Mortar Team in the Snow

Did you ever think that bicarbonate of soda would make great snow in a diorama? Well, if you did then you are right! Frank uses it in this diorama. Amazing scene with a mortar team, bunker and half-track. Check it out right here: German Mortar Team in the Snow


Rock face wall

Frank's tutorial on how to make rock-face walls easily

Excellent Frank has developed an easy process for making rock-face walls in dioramas. This is the process he uses in his dioramas. It is an easy four steps and you can learn how to do it here: How to make Rock-face walls.


Mail Call Diorama

Mail Call! 51st Highland Division Diorama

Excellent diorama with some nice detail work. Check it out here: Mail Call!


The German Field Kitchen

The German Field Kitchen

This is a nice little Tamiya diorama kit that comes with a field kitchen, wheeled cart, figures and some neat detail parts. Check it out here: The German Field Kitchen Diorama.


English WaterMill Diorama

The English Water Mill Diorama

Here is another great diorama made by Frank. This one has a great layout and a great look. And it has water effects. But the big thing about this one is that Frank has figured out a very inexpensive way to make great looking water in a diorama. Check it out here: The English Water Mill Diorama.


The Before and After Automobile diorama

The Before and After Automobile diorama

Frank has come up with this amazing idea of splitting a diorama in half so we can see the scene from two different periods of time. You can see this same concept in his 70 year diorama. He has returned to this concept in this terrific diorama of an automobile sitting in a driveway. Check out how the auto and the driveway have changed over time. The before and after automobile diorama


The 3-D Waterfall Shadowbox Diorama

The 3-D Waterfall Shadowbox Diorama

This is a beautiful diorama depicting a walking bridge spanning over a waterfall and it has a three dimensional aspect in that it is bursting right out of the shadowbox. The 3d Waterfall Shadowbox Diorama


British Army Liberating a French Village

British Army Liberating a French Village -

Wonderful diorama with a lot of detail. Check out the pictures of it here. British Army on Patrol Liberating a French Village


The Backyard Farm

The Backyard Farm

Wonderful diorama of a mini hobby farm in the backyard. It also has water, a dock and a couple of small sailboats. Just a fun and nostalgic diorama. Check out the pictures here. Looking for inspiration on making a diorama? This one might be the one to inspire you :) The Backyard Farm



Franks New Workshop

Wouldn't it be great to have a dedicated area to your hobby? Well, Frank has one. And it has a really neat idea for storing tools and paints. Check it out here


The Alps

The Alps

Another wonderful diorama in the form of a shadow box. This one is called "The Alps" And it is a nostalgic scene of an old automobile traveling one of those narrow roads in the Alps and going over a bridge : The Alps shadowbox diorama


The Castle

The Castle

Here is a terrific little diorama of a castle. It is well designed and has a really nice layout. And the best thing about this little castle is the textures of the stonework and the roofs. See more picture and learn how frank did those textures here: The miniature Castle diorama


This Old House

This Old House

Another fun diorama made by Frank. It depicts a home that has long been neglected. Seems to me there might be ghosts in there! Check it out here.


The Ruined Church Diorama

The Ruined Church Diorama

Another great diorama. It depicts a portion of a ruined church and a small graveyard. Check it out here.


British SAS Diorama

British SAS Diorama

Nice little desert themed diorama featuring a Jeep and a water well. I like it! Check it out here: The British SAS Diorama


Frank's Worshop

Frank's Worshop

Thinking about setting up a nice little area for you to do your hobby work? Frank has done it! Check it out for ideas: Frank's Workshop


Shadow Box Diorama

Spring in the Alps Shadow Box Diorama

I love shadowboxes. They are so unique. Frank has made a wonderful one and you can check it out right here: Spring in the Alps


Water Wheel Diorama

The Water Wheel Diorama

I love dioramas with water effects. And Frank has done an amazing job with this one. He used a lot of common materials to make it including the water and the waterfall. Check it out here.


The 70 year diorama

The 70 year diorama

This diorama expresses a great idea. How has a place changed ove the course of 70 years? This is one diorama in two halves and each half shows the same place at a different period in time. The 70 Year Diorama


The Battle of Long Tan Monument

The Battle of Long Tan Monument

This was a battle between Australian forces and the Viet Cong at the Long Tan Rubber Plantation. There is a monument to the battle and Frank has reproduced it here. Check out more information and a bigger picture The Battle of Long Tan Monument


The French Cafe Diorama

The French Cafe Diorama

Here is a hand made diorama of a street scene in Paris and a neat thing about this diorama is that the street lights actually light up. Check it out here: The French Cafe Diorama


WWI diorama

WWI diorama (Trench Warfare)Here Frank has had a lot of fun making this diorama including hand making a wall and arch. Check out bigger pictures here


Frank's second diorama

Frank's second diorama

Here Frank has had a lot of fun making this diorama including hand making a wall and arch. Check out bigger pictures here


Frank's Hand Made Diorama

Frank's Hand Made Diorama

Here is a neat military diorama made by Frank. It is all hand-made and it cost him a total of five dollars. Check it out here.



Will's Book on Diorama Making

Will's Book

How to Make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas

This books shows you how to make fantasy and medieval dioramas using many commonly available tools and materials. There are over 100 pictures and illustrations showing you how to make great dioramas in fantasy and medieval styles. Chapters include basics, water effects, terrain tips and special effects like electricity and small motors. Tutorials include how to use foam, plaster of paris and paper mache to make great looking dioramas.