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German Mortar team in the Snow

Here is another great diorama made by Frank. There is a lot of amazing detail in this diorama and it is extremely well done with a lot of various scenery in it including the mortar team, the bunker, the snow, the german soldiers and the half-track vehicle.

Frank has a whole lot of great dioramas, both military and non military, that he has made and shared with us. If you want to check them out I have a page right here: Frank's Dioramas

Frank tells us about the making of this diorama and in particular how he made the snow:

What I have used is German lnfantry mortar team and German half track plus odd figures I had the snow is bicarbonate of soda white paint and glue plus bicarbonate sprinkled down over the diorama from above.

This is a great example of how bicarbonate of soda can make some very realistic looking snow.

German mortar team in the snow


View of the diorama


Side view of the diorama and mortar team


Overhead view of the diorama


Wide shot of the diorama with vehicle in foreground


The diorama


21st Century 1/18 Scale SdKfz German Halftrack


German Infantry Mortar Team -


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British Army Liberating a French Village

British Army Liberating a French Village -

Wonderful diorama with a lot of detail. Check out the pictures of it here. British Army on Patrol Liberating a French Village


British SAS Diorama

British SAS Diorama

Nice little desert themed diorama featuring a Jeep and a water well. I like it! Check it out here: The British SAS Diorama