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Ardennes Frontline Breakthrough featuring a graveyard


Glen takes us step by step through the making of this diorama. Ever wonder how to make something like this? Well, here it is. A terrific step by step tutorial .

Glen has made a whole lot of dioramas for us. You can check them out here: Glen's Dioramas



Th ardennes diorama overhead view

I made this diorama for a show (  I have been asked to put on, which has a special guest attending Helen Patton granddaughter  of General Patton this July. Hence my previous diorama and now this one.

The kits used:

The base of the diorama

Here is the base showing plastic card for road, air dry modeling clay with imprint for the wall and gravestones


Another view of the base

Base showing position of wall and gravestones, you need to remove them whilst the clay is drying out, these can be fixed latter with PVA glue

The based is painted black

The whole base sprayed up with black primer



Everything is painted black

Even black primed grave stones and wall

Dry brush the wall and stones

Dry brushed the road and grave stones with various greys and dry brushed the wall


Then used static grass and various scatter to make the shrubs etc


Add static grass

Closeup picture

close up of dry brushing

Closeup of the details

close up of scatter etc


About the Snow in this Diorama: Glen has an excellent tutorial showing us exactly how to do this technique:

The Winter Wall Diorama

The Winter Wall Diorama

Glen scratch built this diorama and then did an amazing job of turning it into a snowy scene. See pictures of this project and learn about adding snow effects. And learn how to scratch build a realistic looking wall The Winter Wall Diorama


The wash on tank

Snow washing technique on a tank

The wash really shows up on stowage etc

The tank

Showing base with snow covering before figures are added

The diorama with snow on it


Snow on gravestones

Snow on gravestones



mniature figure

NextCheck out a series of pictures of the completed diorama on the next page here


The Tank used in this diorama

Tamiya Models M4A3 Sherman Model Kit

Tamiya Models M4A3 Sherman Model Kit



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